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La Boca Neighborhood - Buenos Aires, Argentina

This neighborhood is maybe the most tourist in Buenos Aires, but at the same time that it shows a face to who visits it, it has another that is the one of being inhabited by a lot of people of few revenues that sometimes lives under quite precarious residence conditions and characteristic of the environment, as the floods that lately, thanks to important infrastructure works, have been able to clean up. Their name is due to that is the mouth of the Riachuelo, place for the one that Pedro de Mendoza entered in the first foundation, and that it was used as port during a lot of time. Their activity was always linked to the port thing and the productive thing, being constituted starting from last century an important labor population of immigrants especially from Genova that spoke the xeneise dialect, word that is used now to define the inhabitants of this neighborhood. These workers brought with them the new ideas socialists and anarchists and they constituted to this neighborhood in one of the centers of the social fight, obtaining this jurisdiction the first socialist representative in the Congress, Alfredo Palacios.

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La Boca - Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Boca - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Old Ferry bridge

La Boca - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Boca Juniors Stadium

La Boca - Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Boca - Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Boca - Buenos Aires, Argentina

The constructions are those of the typical houses with walls of foils, also present in other port areas as Berisso, in La Plata that give to the neighborhood an unique physiognomy in the city. The tourist artery of this neighborhood is the picturesque Caminito, street of hardly 100 meters next to the coastal road, in which stand out the countless colors of its constructions, with murals and reliefs. In this street they are a variety of artists that offer their productions and shows. Other prominent points of the area are the Foundación Proa, modern center of exhibitions, the Museum of fine arts of La Boca among whose main characters is Benito Quinquela Martí, painter that carried out an enormous work on the neighborhood, the Theater La Ribera, the market, with more than 100 years of antiquity, and the Bridge Nicolás Avellaneda, with the two structures, the old one in disuse and the later one, one beside the other one. The churches of the neighborhood are "San Juan El Evangelista" and the Sanctuary "Nuestra Señora Madre de los Emigrantes". There are some places of tango very exclusive and several Italian taverns, especially on the street Necochea.

A characteristic element of the neighborhood is the Club Boca Juniors, one of the most important of the country that possesses its stadium, The Bombonera (chocolate box), with capacity it for more than 50.000 spectators. Boca Juniors is traditionally regarded as the club of Argentina's working class, in contrast with the supposedly more upper-class base of cross-town archrival Club Atlético River Plate. Boca Juniors claims to be the club of "half plus one" (la mitad mas uno) of Argentina's population, but a 2006 survey placed its following at 40%,still the largest share. They have the highest number of fans, according to their percentage in their country.

Boca Juniors

Museo de la Pasion Boquense:
is an appropriate monument to the much idolized and famed, revered and reviled Boca Juniors Soccer Team. Stop by this single-sport, single-team hall of fame to check out their collection of Boca paraphernalia, championship regalia and collection of player portraits. Watch the short film, “Los idolos” (The Idols) in the auditorium, sit down at one of their computers to check out stats throughout the entire history of this great team, and even watch historical game highlights from recordings going back as early as the 1940s.

La Boca Map - Buenos Aires, Argentina
City of Buenos Aires Map with
La Boca
in red
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Fundacion Proa: This modern and contemporary art museum and foundation hosts six temporary shows a year of adventurous work from Argentina and abroad. They also hold art workshops, courses, conferences and concerts

Vuelta de Rocha: These picturesque city blocks run along the edge of the winding river inlet Riachuelo, in the famous port neighborhood of La Boca. Genoese immigrants, settling here in the early 1900s, built their housing on elevated sidewalks as a precaution against flooding. Wrought iron balconies characterize these dwellings, painted in spectacular colors, originally from leftover paint from the dockyard ships. Together with the port and the railroad, Vuelta de Rocha, comprises a unique district, rich in immigrant history and heritage.

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