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Intensive Spanish 20 Course in Buenos Aires

This popular Intensive Spanish 20 course is designed to develop students’ language skills in small interactive groups. The classes consist of 20 hours per week and courses begin every Monday.

The Course

Students who take our most popular Intensive Spanish course in Buenos Aires will develop their language skills in an interactive small group environment with an average class size of six students and a maximum of nine students. Small classes allow for personalized attention from the professor in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Students will be completely immersed in the Spanish language while participating in 20 hours of lessons per week. With sessions held either in the morning or the afternoon, our classes are engaging and interactive and are designed to help students develop the four key language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

What to expect

Maximum Exposure to Real Spanish: The course offers a combination of intensive classroom instruction and Spanish immersion to ensure students will learn the language both quickly and effectively. Our proven formula for teaching Spanish within an immersion context allows students to learn Spanish naturally and enables them to communicate effectively using correct and up-to-date Spanish that is used everyday by native speakers. The lessons combine complete Spanish immersion with reading, writing, grammar, and speaking exercises so that students can develop the confidence needed to put their new language skills into practice in everyday situations.

Small Teacher-Student Ratio: We believe that students learn better when they feel confident and comfortable, which is why we offer small group classes, with an average of about five to six students. Our small classes allow for more personalized attention from the professor in a relaxed and comfortable environment which enables students to feel confident when talking in Spanish. Teachers provide individual care and focus on each student’s personal progress by offering helpful instruction, giving feedback and correcting errors.

Development of the Four Key Language Skills: Students will be encouraged to develop the four key language skills:

* Speaking
* Writing
* Reading
* Listening

Approaching Spanish grammar through these skills is the most complete way to gain proficiency in the Spanish language. This integral approach to Spanish learning will allow students to not only learn formal and correct grammar, but also to practice the correct forms and become familiar with them through usage rather than memorization.

Real-life Materials: Our teachers know how to create quality lesson plans that are both informative and enjoyable. Professors incorporate material from everyday life (newspapers, CDs, internet, movies, etc.) along with the material in the textbook to ensure that lessons are relevant and interesting.

Relaxed and Enjoyable Classroom Activities: We believe that students learn more when they are comfortable and relaxed, which is why our teachers aim to create an inviting and enjoyable learning environment that encourages student interaction whilst ensuring organized and focused lessons.

Solid Academic Framework: All of our programs are aligned with and based on the Cervantes Institute guidelines, and the curriculum and teaching plans are framed by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. In the classroom, our professors use the communicative method, meaning that students are encouraged to speak and interact as much as possible during class time. In all of our courses, students will develop the four key language skills: speaking, writing, reading, and listening.

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