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Buenos Aires intense nightlife, only after 1 AM

One of the most well known aspects of Buenos Aires is the buzzing nightlife scene. While I’ve never been a club-hopper, something which has always threatened to undermine my student status, I do enjoy the occasional night out and love to dance to anything with a beat. My debut into Buenos Aires clubbing was quite […]

A night out in Buenos Aires

The City of Buenos Aires, also known as “The Paris of South America”. Is famous for having the most exciting and glamorous nightlife in Latin America. Restaurants, Bars, Pubs, Theatres and nightclubs are open seven nights a week till late hours. During weekends you can continue clubbing until sunrise. Other advantage of going out at […]

Buenos Aires night club experience

If you are in Buenos Aires don’t forget to visit this trendy night club because you will be in for a huge surprise! Here, you won’t come across salsa or reggaton music like most such places do, but soulful Sanskrit melodies that rent the air. “I had the most unusual buenos aires night clubs experience […]

Nostalgic Nights in Buenos Aires

What does midnight look like in the Paris of South America? For those of us cursed with a golden-age mentality, Buenos Aires can be a reprieve from all the baggage that comes with modern reality. This city is captivated by nostalgia, and even if a venue wasn’t born decades ago, many owners pay close attention […]

Saint Patrick’s Day in Buenos Aires

Spring break is one kind of vacation. St. Patrick’s Day is quite another. There’s a camaraderie, a celebration of common cause, a standing reason almost anywhere in the world to turn to the complete stranger on your left and say slainte with a big conversation-inviting grin on your face. Unless you’re college-age and in certain […]

Buenos Aires, city of colour and shape

A be-suited middle-aged gentleman, his hair glistening in a helmet of lacquer, is glued sweaty cheek-to-cheek with a girl years younger, wearing glamorous heels and a floaty dress. She twirls away. He yanks her back, then clasps her ever more tightly. A doomed relationship. But the crowd loves it. The wailing violin reaches its crescendo. […]

Broadway-style musicals in Buenos Aires

The current staging of Chicago is a feather in the cap of local Broadway-style productions There was a time when it was practically impossible to stage a Broadway-style musical in Buenos Aires because there was no tradition, therefore no experience, and thus virtually no one able to do it. There were no specialized academies here, […]

Party time in Buenos Aires

It’s always party time in this city, writes Chris Canty from Hg2 luxury city guides As the taxi screeches past a sea of short-sleeved blue business shirts and cream trousers, I’m thinking it’s presumptuous that the ultra-stylish and somewhat outrageous Faena Hotel (00 54 11 4010 9000; faenahotelanduniverse.com ) would add the words “and universe” […]

Buenos Aires: Romance of Paris made affordable by the weak Argentine peso

Despite economic hardships in recent years, Buenos Aires’s allure remains undiminished for American travelers looking for the romance of Paris made affordable by the weak Argentine peso. Tourism has flourished in Argentina’s capital with a bevy of new boutique hotels along the vibrant Puerto Madero waterfront and new developments by star architects such as Normal […]

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